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[[zh:VHD Tool++]]
[[zh:VHD Tool++]]
[[ja:VHD Tool++]]
[[ja:VHD Tool++]]
[[ru:VHD Tool++]]
== Screenshots ==
== Screenshots ==

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  • iODD provides USB Flash Drive or USB WinToGo Booting beyond the CD Booting.
  • iODD provides max 6 devices, 4 sorts(Fixed, Removable, Floppy, Optical) Disk Drives.
  • Refer to #Manual for detail guide.
  • Multi Languages - En,Ko,Cn. English version can be forced to run by (VHD_Tool++(en).bat).
  1. Create - Create
    • Create a fixed VHD file to iODD without fragmentation. (very fast)
  2. Convert - Convert
    • Convert general dump image file to fixed VHD file
  3. Extend - Extend
    • Extend fixed VHD file size.
  4. Defragment - Defragment
    • Defragment a file
  5. Upload - Upload
    • Copy a file to iODD without fragmentation.
  6. Write To HDD - Write To HDD
    • Duplicates an image file to HDD (physically sector to sector)
    • Expert Only can use this
    • All HDD data will be deleted permanently


  1. Change the extension of file name.
    1. VHD : USB fixed drive
    2. RMD : USB removable drive
  2. Append "&DW" to the file name
    1. "Win2Go.VHD" : Default is CD-MODE or ODD-MODE (2541)
    2. "Win2Go&D.VHD" : Default is Dual-Mode. Real HDD is Write Protected.
    3. "Win2Go&DW.VHD" : Default is Dual-Mode. Real HDD is Write Enabled.




uncompress the zip file to a proper folder. (if possible, the file path name is in English and has no space)
run EXE.