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  1. Bootable Virtual CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Blu-ray Drive
    • There is no need to buy DVD-ROM and blank media for OS installation.
    • *.ISO (ODD - CD, DVD, Blu-ray) can be selected
  2. Bootable Virtual USB Drive and Flash Drive.
    • iODD is All in one for Windows To Go, OS installation, Multi Booting
    • Virtual Disk Drive - Can do all functions as USB Flash Drive can do
    • *.VHD and *.VMDK (Virtual Disk Drive), *.RMD (Virtual Flash Drive), *.IMA (Virtual Floppy Disk Drive) can be selected
  3. Multi LUN
    • Max 1 Optical Drive, 1 Real Drive and 4 Virtual Drives at the same time.
  4. hotkey for safely removal.
    • The last physical safeguard. Stop the spindle motor before eject.
  5. Write Protection
    • The last logical safeguard. I Keep my drive. Good bye Virus.
  6. Real-time AES 256 hardware encryption ( iODD-2541 )
    • 4-15 Pin digits ( 6 digits are enough for keeping your data from the developer of iODD 2541 )
    • All functions work well with Encryption
  7. Maintain Loading State
    • Save and Maintain the loading state and menu for next boot.