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"1st partition" or "unsupported partition" - Partition Mismatch with Firmware

  • This error occurs if the firmware type does not match the first partition of iODD.
  • Please Check the above Initialization.

"bad or N/S HDD" - bad or not supported partition

  • This error occurs when iODD does not read the internal HDD.
  • Please change the HDD or USB cable.

"Too Many Files" - too many files in a folder

  • iODD allows max 32 files or sub folders in a folder. (under "_ISO" folder)
  • Split a folder into subfolders with less than 32 files.

"NO _ISO Folder" - there is no "_ISO" folder

  • Make a folder named _ISO at root folder.

"NO - DISC" - there is no files in "_ISO" folder

  • there is not a file or sub folder in _ISO folder.

"Check HDD" - Check HDD

"Disc Locked" - Disc is locked

  • The OS or a application has locked the ODD drive at any reasons.

"DEFRAG" - defrag

"vDISK Limit" - the number of virtual drives is more than limit

  • The max number of Virtual disk drives is 4.
  • You may select more than 4 Virtual drives.

"Already Hit" - already selected

  • You may select the file that have been selected yet.

"No Use Dynamic" - not supported dynamic VHD

  • The VHD file selected is Dynamic VHD file. fixed VHD is only supported.

"No Use Sparse" - not supported sparse file

  • The sparse image file is not supported as Virtual Drive.